Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grand Rapids, MI ArtPrize 2013

Last night I had a chance to go downtown to Grand Rapids, MI with my friend Renee and we set out to see some of the entries in at ArtPrize. Artist come from all over and many miles they travel. We even met a few of them.
This is Renee and I
At the Blue bridge in GR towards the end of our walk of viewing the entries.
There was a nice kid on a bike that saw us trying to take a selfie photo and he asked if he could help take one for us. We said sure! That was nice of him. 

Some of the entries really do amaze me as to how they ever think to come up with something  and then other times I am like "Really?" Everyone's view on art is always different. That is the cool thing about art. I might get something out of a piece that someone might get a different perspective out of.

We only got to see a few different entries as it was after 7pm when we got downtown and the city had it set up a little different this year. I guess there are a few different ways to see the town and art. One way might be so many miles with so many entries and another is either more or less.

I plan on going down there again sometime to check out more of the entries. It was nice going at night as we were able to see the displays in a different light! I will post photos so you can see a little bit.
 The above photo was on steel. Pretty cool!
 Firefighter bike
Like a park ranger bike 
 Boot Legger Bike
 I saw all these faces on this wall and told Renee to go put her head in that hole area. Of course she did it because we like to have fun and then that made this photo look really cute.
 Renee's friend from HS had an entry in at The Bob restaurant and the details  in this photo are pretty amazing. He came from NC I believe.
 This heart display was made with all kinds of signs that you might find displayed in someone's house with special meanings of encouragement, how to live life and whatnot. One that caught my eye was one that said: We didn't realize we were making Memories, we just knew we were having fun.
The big single ones say Actions Speak Louder
 I consider being able to play a musical instrument a form of art and this guy was having a blast playing  his Sax.
 The sign on the dog says Free Hugs. These two gentlemen were very good at playing their banjo and guitar. Loved it!
 Not really sure what animal this is suppose to be like but this was really cool. All of it was hung by fishing line and bamboo. It was all cut at different lengths to make this wonderful masterpiece. This is found in the Amway Grand Plaza.
 City lights
 Flame On
 More city lights with the moon.
 Always enjoy the view of the blue bridge.
All in all, we had a great time downtown. We had supper at a little Mediterranean Grille. I had a wonderful tasting Gyro and Renee had a Wrap. I would recommend this place. There are a few foods I might not try but HEY, it's all good Jack!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wow! I have not been blogging for quite some time. Maybe I should get back into it. A lot has happened since I last blogged.

Sometimes I wonder how many really check out the blog and that is why I had quit writing on here for a while. I will have to see where I left off and see what I should post next.

Been super busy shooting photos of just about anything and busy with the kids schedules with sports and school activities. The summer flew by so fast and we were only able to go camping once this whole summer. That is really unusual for us as we try to go at least four times.

Have a great day!