Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunset on Lake Michigan - July 25, 2010

Sure was a beautiful day today! We had awesome weather and were able to shut the A/C off and enjoy a nice breeze coming through the windows. Enjoyed the pool for a while and I also went out to Lake Michigan to take photos of a family. While out there I had the opportunity to see a beautiful sunset. I have not sat at the Lake in a while to take in a sunset. It was very calm, nice breeze, and listening to the waves crash against the shore was a great experience.

Something funny happened while I was out there taking pictures and standing along the shore. I believe that there was a guy "hitting" on me. How funny is that?!!!!! As I was taking pictures, this guys starts to strike up a conversation. He was nice and I did talk to him, but that is all. For Pete's sake, I just wanted to take pictures. LOL It is nice to talk to other people. Maybe he just needed someone to chat with. His sister was in the water and he was just enjoying the shore and all of its peacefulness.

So here are a few shots I would like to share with you about my adventure at the beach.


Holland, Michigan-Big Red Lighthouse.
Was a great couple days spending time with an long time friend from High School. The adventures began with the arrival at my house and then we ventured around the sites.

We went shopping for a little while. As we were shopping, the rain started to dump like buckets of water out of the sky.

We got soaked running in and out of the stores. Sandy did offer me her raincoat and I said 'no' and she said 'bet ya wished you had your umbrella'!!! Not really sure how much the umbrella would have helped. LOL

Went to Johnny Carinos for lunch and that was delicious.

This is my friend Sandy. We have some really great memories together. Plus, we were so good at softball, we were on the varsity team together our freshman year. Cannot believe a lot of years have went by and we finally got to reconnect this year after finding one another again.

We went to Holland and checked out the lakeshore and some of the cute little town. There are a lot of cool old buildings there. Tried to check out another friend from High Schools art studio. She wasn't there but it was fun trying to find her place.

Decided to end our adventures on Thursday and ended up going to the nice little mexican restaurant in my town.

Friday we had a great breakfast and then headed out on some more adventures. Went to Grand Haven, Michigan this time.

I really like it out there. They have such a nice boardwalk and pier to walk on. The waves were pretty high and there were people trying to surf the whitecaps. We also got to see some people catch really good sized bass. If we only had a container to take them home in and were not going to run around a lot. We might have had us some bass for dinner. LOL

This picture is of the Grand Haven Lighthouse. It was nice standing out there and watching everyone. We did get a little wet from the water coming up on the pier.

As you see, the water sprays were awesome. This one came up and crashed the wall and as we got out of the way, the water was running wildly on the pier and we ended up getting only our feet wet. So much fun!

We went through town and toured some of the shops and had cocktails at Kirby Grill. What a great couple of days and time well spent with an awesome friend.

This is Sandy and I.

Love ya Buddy!