Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunset on Lake Michigan - July 25, 2010

Sure was a beautiful day today! We had awesome weather and were able to shut the A/C off and enjoy a nice breeze coming through the windows. Enjoyed the pool for a while and I also went out to Lake Michigan to take photos of a family. While out there I had the opportunity to see a beautiful sunset. I have not sat at the Lake in a while to take in a sunset. It was very calm, nice breeze, and listening to the waves crash against the shore was a great experience.

Something funny happened while I was out there taking pictures and standing along the shore. I believe that there was a guy "hitting" on me. How funny is that?!!!!! As I was taking pictures, this guys starts to strike up a conversation. He was nice and I did talk to him, but that is all. For Pete's sake, I just wanted to take pictures. LOL It is nice to talk to other people. Maybe he just needed someone to chat with. His sister was in the water and he was just enjoying the shore and all of its peacefulness.

So here are a few shots I would like to share with you about my adventure at the beach.


Mari said...

Beautiful! I love beach shots.

Nancy said...

You still got it sweetie!!! and the pictures are awesome!!