Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Friendly Gathering!

I have had the privilege of knowing these two wonderful young ladies (Karen and Sue-L/R) for 30 years! Yes, that is a long time!
We were lucky to go to the same High School in Cadillac, MI. Great times!
There is something to say about the bond of friendship that one makes while playing on the HS Varsity Softball team. Not only do you have each others back out on the ball field, but you also do in the real world!  It is always good to support one another and cheer on for the best for each and every one.

I pray that we will be able to stay in touch for many years to come. Maybe we will be able to get the SENIOR DISCOUNT when we go out eventually. LOL

Thanks for the great day today!
Love you!

Shawn's First Deer, 9-23-2012

 Shawn is excited to show me the deer that he shot.
Pretty good hunter I would say!
Awesome! A little button buck!
 You will always remember the first deer you shot Shawn!
Your Dad would be so proud of you. He use to talk about how he would like to take you hunting someday.
You make me proud of you in the young man you have become!
Field dressed, loaded up, moving on out and up to the house you go!
Happy boy!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mitch's HS Homecoming-9th grade

 Mitch is in 9th grade now. Time sure does fly by!
He is all dressed up to attend his first HS homecoming.
Looks so handsome! I love those dimples!

Tom is a proud Daddy! We were laughing because I said, show that you love your son. Then Mitch leans in and Tom grabs him and yes, this is the awkward stage. :)
Also, Usually Tom is the one not looking at the camera or his eyes are closed. This time it is Mitch. Oh well, makes for a good conversation. :)
I hope you had a fun-filled night Mitch!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitch in the Allendale High School Marching Band

 Mitch is in the Center of the picture holding his mouth in a funny way.
 We were really impressed with Mitch in how he was able to learn the steps and play the trumpet at the same time. :) He is doing a really great job and we are very proud of him.
 It has been so nice to have Mitch excited about doing marching band. He loves it and it shows!
 In the spring, the marching band will be going to Disney World. That will be an awesome experience for him. The trip is expensive but the payments help so it doesn't hit as hard. Plus, the kids try to sell items to raise money for their trip. This will be an awesome experience for Mitch and we are glad that he will be able to go.
 Position, ready, play!

 Little swaying going on!

Great job Mitch!
We are so proud of you and love you very much!

8th Grade Rocket Football

 My son Shawn is the one with his arms wrapped around the opponent.
I really enjoy watching the kids play their sports or and activity that they get involved in. I love to run them to their practices and go watch them participate in their events.
It is really neat to see how much Shawn has grown and how he really loves to play sports.
Keep up the good work buddy!
Love, MOM