Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Windy Grand Haven and Adventure On Way Home

Amanda and I headed out to Grand Haven, Michigan today.
We knew that the winds were high and so must the waves be. Reports have been up to 26ft high waves. As we got out of my vehicle, we knew we were in for it by getting blasted with sand as we started to take off walking down the pier.

As you start off in this one area we noticed a new sculpture. I thought that it was pretty cool. The other side has fish on it. Which I did not get a picture of that side.

We felt the sand whipping at our faces-felt like a facial scrub at some points. Good thing I had my sunglasses on because that kept the sand out of my eyes. Amanda had to walk backwards at certain points. Sand even got in our mouths and you could just feel it when you bit down. Grind grind!!!! Amanda was chewing gum and it got in that too. LOL
By the time we got finished out at the beach there was at least a cup of sand in my shoes. When I got home I could feel it in my socks. Yepper--a foot scrub!!!!

There are so many things to take pictures of, just have to be creative and have a steady hand. The tripod did help on this trip.
Holy Cow! There were times when I thought the camera and tripod were going to blow away. Even when we were walking back from the beach there was a few gust of wind that blew us forward a few steps. We laughed so hard!

The mighty waves are just a churning!

The next few pictures will be of the lighthouse as the waves crash against it.

This is great with the seagull trying to fly against the wind!

We did happen to see a few dozers and trucks out to get the sand out of the street. One side of the road was covered and there was the middle turning lane and the NW side was clear.
You can see in some of the pics the sand just a whipping! There was so much blowing that I had sand in my pockets!

On our way home I decided to pull over and try to get a shot of this next picture (Mugs). I wanted to get this because a good friend of mines Mom was called this nickname in school. So, thought it would be great to capture and tag her in Facebook.
Well, as I was pulling over to the side of the road I hear this thunk. Then we stopped. I got out and heard my back passenger side tire making a hissing sound. Thought to myself and told Amanda, lets go over into this little store area to park and call Tom. Amanda calls Tom while I go to the parking area instead of on 31 with all the busy traffic. I thought it would be more safe to change the tire there. We thunked our way over there and I got out and the tire was totally flat. Then Amanda says, 'now what'? Well, I have to get the spare tire out, but where is it on my Santa Fe???? I got the tools and the jack out, then looked in the handy dandy car manual. Take a coin or screwdriver to this one little area to get the spare tire. Good thing I had some spare change. I never carry a screwdriver in the car plus it is a good thing that I had some spare change. LOL I used the coin, then there was a bolt. Got the Tire wrench to get that bolt loose. Kept unwinding and unwinding but the bolt does not come out. Then thought, well, how do you lift this little plastic area to get the tire???? How could they fit a tire in the back of the Santa Fe? HMMMM??? Looked under car and the tire was laying on the pavement with the cable that I must have loosened. Funny! We laughed and laughed! Then got the tire off the cable, then a few seconds later.
Tom shows up. Thank goodness! Those bolts were really tight and normally I would be able to do it, but the little wrench thingy that came with the car was so small that you could not get leverage on it. Plus those mechanics have those power tools that make it so hard to get the tire off in the first place.
Tom struggled a little. Got out his handy dandy tools from the truck--the jack wrench with extension---must be nice to have one with an extension!---and the WD40 because the aluminum tires tend to tighten up and need heat to make them loose to get off. We thought, crap, cannot get this tire off. Well, I will call my handy dandy roadside assistance. 'I GOT IT', Tom said! So, I hung up my phone and went to help him do the rest of the work of putting on the donut-aka spare tire.
So, it was not a nail, guess what it was? In the next picture you see this huge medal thingy sticking out of the tire!
OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!
Can you believe it???????????????

So, to end the adventure, we came home with sand in our hair, ears, nose, shoes, and a medal thingy in the tire, a donut on the Santa Fe and not one that you would want to take a bite out of.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Winds Soon to Whip West Michigan

Tuesday October 26TH, 2010 the wins will whip through West Michigan.

On Tuesday a cold front will likely bring strong thunderstorms and winds may gust higher than 60MPH along West Michigan shore.

The waves could possibly reach up to 30 feet. They say this storm reminds them back in 1975 of the Edmund Fitzgerald. One of the most famous Shipwrecks in the Great Lakes history.

The Edmund FitzgeraldNovember 10, 1975

The Edmund Fitzgerald sank on Lake Superior During a heavy storm.

The Captain and 28 crew members were never to be found.

No one knows why the ship sank or why the Captain never sent out a distress call. Many years have passed since the incident and the mystery still surrounds the sinking.

Some wonder if the ship split by hitting the lake floor or from the waves.

One of the famous songs is from Gordon Lightfoot.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reba McEntire - He Gets That From Me

I happened to come across this video tonight. I was just looking up different comedians, music videos and whatnot.

This video that Reba is singing is really great! I have heard the song before but have never seen the video. This video means a lot to me because of having to lose my first husband at a very young age due to ALS--Lou Gehrig's Disease. I think back and thought that the worst part of it all is that the children are losing their father. There have been many times that as a Mom you think of your children and want the best for them. You want to protect them. Well, sometimes we cannot always protect them. We have to let them experience life on their own sometimes. There were times when I thought as I sat in the stands by myself how wonderful it would be if their Dad was here to watch them in the sport or concert they were in. That was the hard part for me. I know that my kids are great kids and have grown into strong children. You know, we all managed well and we have a great life now (not that is wasn't great) with wonderful addition to the three that we were to the six that we are now. Our family blends well together. I am thankful to God for bringing me and my children down the path that He made for us.

Back to the video, it kinda describes what I think of my son Shawn. Well, it describes a lot really. Sometimes Shawn has a "Randy" look and sometimes a "Shelly" look. When he does the "Randy look" I do think of and remember Randy and what he did at certain times. As any of us rightly should remember. He meant a lot to us. Shawn gets a smirk like me at times when he looks like he is going to do something funny or be a little mischief. I love that!

Shawner Bauner is a wonderful boy. That's what I like to call him--Shawner Bauner! He is smart, handsome, adorable, tender hearted, considerate, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, sensitive, strong, athletic, hilarious and many more attributes. I love when he tells me he loves me. It warms my heart right up. His hugs are genuine and I hope there is not a day that I have to go without them.

Thank you God for my life and my family. You are an awesome and mighty God. There is none like you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day At Auntie Shelly's

Had to make the leaves "Fluffy" and then JUMP!
I loved hearing Case say, 'let's make them fluffy'!
Cameron loved the leaves too.
After he got out, his cute little sweater had leaves stuck all over them.

Matt tried standing the chicken on Cameron's head. He tried to run away.

1-2-3 Jump into the leaves!
Amanda and Matt had a lot of fun with the leaves and kiddos too!

Case-a-roo with those cute little blue eyes!
He is a ham too!

As you can see they had a really good time.

Talking to the chickens. After that--we let Case feed the chickens some corn. The one chicken went after his shiney snap on his coat and Case did not know what to think of that. The chickens love shiney things and toes-so take it from Amanda and I-NEVER wear your flip flops or sandals out with the chickens!!!!!!!
If you toes get pecked, you might get this look! LOL
My friends Renee and Rick blessed me with a great treat Saturday. I had the pleasure of entertaining and watching their kids. I had a blast and I know they did too. The whole family did. It was nice to see little ones around the house again. Brings back a lot of memories as to how non-stop and fun they can be.

Friday, October 15, 2010

On My Little Drive

What is wrong with this sign? Last time I checked----those were NOT considered Tomatoes!
While on my drive I noticed this sign and thought that it was funny and had to stop and take a picture of it. I actually sent it to Ellen to see if she would post on her "what's wrong with this picture" thingy! We will see if she actually uses it or not. Hope it is when I actually catch the show. Or, I could just check out her website.
I love this photo!
Reminds me of a nice country drive down a lonely road.

These pumpkins have been sitting here for a while and the boxes are ready to be filled.

Pumpkin Patch

Soy Beans
When I was leaving the house to go for a ride, this blue Heron was standing in our pond. So, I thought to myself that I would stop my vehicle and get out and take a picture. Kinda funny, I was walking very quietly to sneak up on it.
As you see, when I was almost there, it decided to take off in flight.Such a pretty color of blue. Every time that I see one of these birds, I think of a friend who likes to call them Teradactyls. Cracks me up!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


This is Kara. This is one of my friends daughters. I like to consider myself her Aunt.

This is Mason, my youngest.

This is Shawn

This is Mitch

This is Amanda, my oldest.
I love each and every one of these children with my whole heart. God has given me the privilege to raise these children and be an example to them. I consider myself lucky.
The pictures that I have put up on here are the ones that I have taken. I am learning to do a lot of things with the editing. This was just changing the colors basically.
We went to Fallasburg Park in Lowell, MI to get these shots. That is a beautiful park and it is really great in the fall with all of the colors changing. If you live close by to this park, pack a picnic basket, gather some friends and family and have an enjoyable day!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Colorful Beauty of Fall

These pictures that I have taken are all taken around my home.
The back of this leaf reminds me of all of the veins that we have in our body. We have a pattern and design. The leaf has a pattern and design. God made both! Ever think of the tree and how we relate things to the Family Tree? The tree has many branches that grow and extend out--Just like Family. We are all made individually and each one of us has a purpose.

I really do enjoy looking at all of the color out there at this time of year!

The crooked branch!
We may have traveled many roads in our time. The choices that we have made make us who we are today. We may think what if I would have done this instead? Are you happy with who you are today? I know I am.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Kara and Jagster!

Kara and Jag
Love this pic!
Instead of Kara sticking our her tongue in a picture-Jag decided to stick his out!!!!

Love this too!
Love how the water is splashing. I was waiting for it and then I captured it.
Yeah me!
Had a great time taking pictures of Kara and Jag last night. The weather was great and both of them did so well. Kara had some great smiles and Jag would just wait for me to get finished.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Had a wonderful visit with two great women yesterday. I have known these two since High School. We all were on the varsity softball team together.

I had a wonderful drive up to where they live. Lots of leaves are changing and starting to look really pretty. Especially with the sun shining on the leaves.
Was able to turn my XM on and listen to great music while I drove! What a great ride!
Once I made it, Sandy and I ran around for a little bit and then went out to LUPPER! Guess you call it that when it is lunch/supper. :)
From Left to right-Me, Sandy, Stacey!
We had a lot of fun! Chatting, drinking, laughing, messing with Stacey's kids heads and trying to make them laugh or wonder what we are all about!
It was a great day! Great visit! Great Friends!
Can't wait until next time!

Happy Birthday Mason

Tuesday was Mason's 10TH Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Mason! He still gets excited about them. As to which a child usually does!
Make a wish

Mason came into my life in 2006 and I am very happy to have him as part of my family. He is a sweet little boy with a great smile!