Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day At Auntie Shelly's

Had to make the leaves "Fluffy" and then JUMP!
I loved hearing Case say, 'let's make them fluffy'!
Cameron loved the leaves too.
After he got out, his cute little sweater had leaves stuck all over them.

Matt tried standing the chicken on Cameron's head. He tried to run away.

1-2-3 Jump into the leaves!
Amanda and Matt had a lot of fun with the leaves and kiddos too!

Case-a-roo with those cute little blue eyes!
He is a ham too!

As you can see they had a really good time.

Talking to the chickens. After that--we let Case feed the chickens some corn. The one chicken went after his shiney snap on his coat and Case did not know what to think of that. The chickens love shiney things and toes-so take it from Amanda and I-NEVER wear your flip flops or sandals out with the chickens!!!!!!!
If you toes get pecked, you might get this look! LOL
My friends Renee and Rick blessed me with a great treat Saturday. I had the pleasure of entertaining and watching their kids. I had a blast and I know they did too. The whole family did. It was nice to see little ones around the house again. Brings back a lot of memories as to how non-stop and fun they can be.


Mari said...

What a fun time! You got some great pictures!

Deb said...

So precious!! Love have little ones around, brings out the kid in me:)
Great pictures Shelly!!

Mom2three said...

I would love to have been there this day! Looks like everyone had a blast! I had to laugh at not wear flip-flops when out with chickens. We didn't have these when I was little, but bare feet were a target as well. Fantastic pictures to tell the story of the day!

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