Sunday, October 10, 2010

Colorful Beauty of Fall

These pictures that I have taken are all taken around my home.
The back of this leaf reminds me of all of the veins that we have in our body. We have a pattern and design. The leaf has a pattern and design. God made both! Ever think of the tree and how we relate things to the Family Tree? The tree has many branches that grow and extend out--Just like Family. We are all made individually and each one of us has a purpose.

I really do enjoy looking at all of the color out there at this time of year!

The crooked branch!
We may have traveled many roads in our time. The choices that we have made make us who we are today. We may think what if I would have done this instead? Are you happy with who you are today? I know I am.

Enjoy your day!


Mari said...

Beautiful pictures and great words too!

Shelly said...

Thanks Mari!

Nancy said...

Great application to those pictures!!! Very nice Shelly