Monday, October 25, 2010

Winds Soon to Whip West Michigan

Tuesday October 26TH, 2010 the wins will whip through West Michigan.

On Tuesday a cold front will likely bring strong thunderstorms and winds may gust higher than 60MPH along West Michigan shore.

The waves could possibly reach up to 30 feet. They say this storm reminds them back in 1975 of the Edmund Fitzgerald. One of the most famous Shipwrecks in the Great Lakes history.

The Edmund FitzgeraldNovember 10, 1975

The Edmund Fitzgerald sank on Lake Superior During a heavy storm.

The Captain and 28 crew members were never to be found.

No one knows why the ship sank or why the Captain never sent out a distress call. Many years have passed since the incident and the mystery still surrounds the sinking.

Some wonder if the ship split by hitting the lake floor or from the waves.

One of the famous songs is from Gordon Lightfoot.


Mari said...

I remember this song quite well. It'll be interesting to see what the weather brings!

Nancy said...

I remember the song and I heard that to about this storm coming. Better breakout the candles and flashlights