Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reba McEntire - He Gets That From Me

I happened to come across this video tonight. I was just looking up different comedians, music videos and whatnot.

This video that Reba is singing is really great! I have heard the song before but have never seen the video. This video means a lot to me because of having to lose my first husband at a very young age due to ALS--Lou Gehrig's Disease. I think back and thought that the worst part of it all is that the children are losing their father. There have been many times that as a Mom you think of your children and want the best for them. You want to protect them. Well, sometimes we cannot always protect them. We have to let them experience life on their own sometimes. There were times when I thought as I sat in the stands by myself how wonderful it would be if their Dad was here to watch them in the sport or concert they were in. That was the hard part for me. I know that my kids are great kids and have grown into strong children. You know, we all managed well and we have a great life now (not that is wasn't great) with wonderful addition to the three that we were to the six that we are now. Our family blends well together. I am thankful to God for bringing me and my children down the path that He made for us.

Back to the video, it kinda describes what I think of my son Shawn. Well, it describes a lot really. Sometimes Shawn has a "Randy" look and sometimes a "Shelly" look. When he does the "Randy look" I do think of and remember Randy and what he did at certain times. As any of us rightly should remember. He meant a lot to us. Shawn gets a smirk like me at times when he looks like he is going to do something funny or be a little mischief. I love that!

Shawner Bauner is a wonderful boy. That's what I like to call him--Shawner Bauner! He is smart, handsome, adorable, tender hearted, considerate, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, sensitive, strong, athletic, hilarious and many more attributes. I love when he tells me he loves me. It warms my heart right up. His hugs are genuine and I hope there is not a day that I have to go without them.

Thank you God for my life and my family. You are an awesome and mighty God. There is none like you!


Nancy said...

Nice post on reflecting back of Randy and moving forward today with Shawn giving you some memories to hide in your heart.

Mari said...

Shawn really does have something of both of you. I really see Randy in him too, when you share pictures of him. Randy would be so proud of him!

jovialjen said...

Speechless... Love you all so much!