Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Friendly Gathering!

I have had the privilege of knowing these two wonderful young ladies (Karen and Sue-L/R) for 30 years! Yes, that is a long time!
We were lucky to go to the same High School in Cadillac, MI. Great times!
There is something to say about the bond of friendship that one makes while playing on the HS Varsity Softball team. Not only do you have each others back out on the ball field, but you also do in the real world!  It is always good to support one another and cheer on for the best for each and every one.

I pray that we will be able to stay in touch for many years to come. Maybe we will be able to get the SENIOR DISCOUNT when we go out eventually. LOL

Thanks for the great day today!
Love you!


Mari said...

It's great that you have stayed in touch and still get together.

Nancy Wolbers said...

Wonderful to have those life long friendships!!! you guys are cute!!