Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things to do

Well, I am just getting started in trying to find items to purchase for my photo business that I want to get up and running eventually. I am just starting to research some items. Such as, maybe a few different lenses, filters, lighting, backdrops, etc.

Also searching websites for different photo printing and will have to create a name for my business and then make a web page and get all of that stuff in order. Time--that is what it will take. The more I do this stuff, the more I tend to get excited about it.

Now I know that this will take a while till I get things set up the way that I want.

I have had the opportunity to practice taking some photos of people and have to set up a few more photo shoots. Kinda crazy that someone would trust me to take their pictures. LOL

Tomorrow, I am thinking that I am going to go for a ride and look for some areas to do some great shots in the local areas.


Mari said...

It's exciting! You will do great!

Nancy said...

Very Cool, Shel, hope all goes well with this adventure.

Anonymous said...

Susan was telling me of a great website for photo printing. Very professional! Great Prices! Stacy uses it to I think its called colorinc I have it written down at work. If you cant find it. by the way Great Play list.