Saturday, August 28, 2010

Great time, Great Friends

Headed up to Cadillac to visit with my friends Sandy and Sue. Sue is the short one! LOL
We all played high school softball together. We were (and still are) awesome players. So many great memories with these two wonderful ladies. We went to Maggie's Tavern for lunch and had a great visit.

This is Sue and I. AKA Thumper and Petey!
After lunch Sue had to go home and Sandy and I got to hang out for a while. We went to Wally World to get a few items for canning that her Mom and her were going to do later. After shopping we went to one of Sandy's Sister Annie's kids play football at Cadillac High. Cadillac has the best location of a football field. Lake Cadillac is part of the scenery. So pretty! Holy cow, was that fun and brought back some great memories. We did see a few people that we went to High School with. Ever notice how when you look in the mirror and think that you don't change much, but when look at others from a while ago--you go, wow-things have changed. Like some teachers that have gotten older. I know I still look and feel young! LOL Here is Sandy and Ma Spoon. They asked me to stay over and we had fun canning the tomatoes and having a few drinks with great laughs and socializing. Ma Spoon is overseeing the process and walking us girls through it. She has many years of experience with this canning business and she was teaching us the correct way to can. In the picture above, Sandy is grinding down the tomatoes and making juice out of it.
Is that like the coolest thing ever?!!!!!!
We all got to take turns at having a hand on the smasher. It was pretty cool! Well, TIMES UP!!! Time to take them out of the water bath. Great job Sandy!
You did not get burnt.
The picture below is the finished product of the tomato juice that we made.
In the morning we canned more tomatoes and later Sandy will make her Salsa.
I had the best day with my friends.
Looking forward to many more good times!


Nancy said...

Nothin like reconnecting with great friends from the past, they will always be a part of our lives!! Nice pictures, and now you can start canning.

Shelly said...

Yepper-you will notice on facebook that I did get the canning done. Probably do the corn and beans tomorrow after church sometime. Probably just freeze those and not give them a bath.