Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To those I love and have loved!

Ever think how great it will be to be in heaven?

I just wanted to tell my friends and family that if you don't know Jesus as your personal savior, you might want to do that.

I have lost a couple people that have been very dear to me and am greatful that they are in heaven and we will meat again someday.

We as Christians never ever have to say goodbye. There is only a time of separation until we all meet again. So, if you are my friend and don't know Christ, What are you waiting for?

Love you all!


Mari said...

Something strange happened to my last comment! Anyway - I love you too and I'll see you in heaven!

Rebekah said...

we played this song at my Dad's funeral. Almost 4 years later and I can still see him so clearly

Karen Ruth said...

Songs have such powerful words that impact our hearts so deeply. I've heard that song before, but we should all be looking forward to the day we see our family again but more importantly our precious Father. I can't wait!