Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, it is snowing now and kids are wanting a snowday! In fact, I am looking for a snowday! LOL

We are suppose to get some heavy snow and high winds and fridged temmperatures. This started at 10pm and is suppose to go until 7pm Tuesday night. THe high winds will kick in around 2am.

Then another storm will start Wednesday. Woo-Hoooooo!!!!!

The kids were out on the four wheeler and sleds tonight. Amanda was drivng my Quad and pulling a row of three sleds. It is funny to watch and listen to them. When I pull them I try to make them fall off or hit the thick snow. We can only go up and down the long driveway because the quad will not go in the deep snow.

Enjoy your day!


Mari said...

I'm hoping it misses us!

Nancy said...

You get excited about the dangest things, I sick of winter and these storms!!!

Tami Vroma said...

I'm with Mari! I have to go show houses in this icky stuff. I just say a prayer that God will watch over me. Hi Mari! Did you get the kitchen done!
By the way I love your header picture on this blog-- did you take it and if so where is it?

Deb said...

It missed!! But it sure is SUPER COLD!!! FREEZING!! Stay warm:)

Lisa said...

I hope you are nice and warm. My kids and I woul dlove all that playing in the snow.Stay safe