Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kalamazoo Air Zoo

This is a very old motorcycle. Pretty cool.

I decided to take Shawn to the Air Zoo so he could see what his Dad-Randy-use to get so excited about. If I would have had more money on me, I would have given him a ride in a biplane.

Shawn really enjoyed walking around and looking at everything. There were a couple similaters that were really cool too. I let him drive the one that was like flying and he flipped me all over the place. I have to say, that is was soooo much fun. I screamed and laughed and held on! He thought it was cool, whipping me around and laughed a couple times because of the way I was acting. LOL

Just something to climb in and mess with some of the buttons.

Very interesting helicopter.

Inside of a big plane. No, I do not know what kind it was. Looks like one they sit in and jump out of.

This is Shawn sitting inside.

Isn't he handsome?!!!

Check out that big engine.

Shawner Bauner

Shawn and I riding the balloon ride. Boy did it go fast and I had to keep my eyes looking at Amanda who was across from us. Otherwise I was getting dizzy and a little nauseous.

Waiting to get on the space shuttle ride.

So happy that I took him.


Nancy said...

Never been there but sounds like you had a great day with Shawn, something he will remember for ever!!!

Mari said...

This is one of Andy and Bob's favorite places, so I've been there several times. I let them do that simulator and just watched from outside! Fun times!