Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nice Day

Had a wonderful day today. The weather was actually pleasant. I was able to work outside for a little while. Did happen to get the lawn finished. Many sticks had to stop for and pick up. Why? Some from the high winds that we have been having and some from Sadie, our lab--she loves to go and get sticks. Does not matter the size, but if she can carry it she will. Sadie can be so funny.
As we were trimming the tree that we cut down into small pieces -- here comes Sadie-she will try to take it right out of your hand she is so excited and can't wait. Now that the trees are down we can see the beautiful birch tree. So glad we trimmed up the other ones.

Last night had a blast going to Kalamazoo Speedway to the event Night of Destruction. They take so many buses and hook trailers to them with some boats and try to crash and run over the boats that have fallen off the trailers. They also have Monster trucks, various car crashing races and even attempts to try to flip cars over with a ramp. They drive up onto it and they usually just flip on their side and then one did manage to flip all the way over.

I did happen to post pictures and video on my facebook.

This week is going to be a busy week. Lots of Football and soccer. Mason has practice Tue and Thurs and a game Saturday of football. Shawn has football practice Monday, Tue a game, Thurs practice Saturday game. Mitch has soccer games Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then the other days he practices.

I am enjoying helping out with our church on Wednesday nights. I help with the K/1st grade girls. There are only three at the moment. They are cute! But, trying to keep them busy for an hour is a task when the lesson isn't that long. So, we are going to be creative.

Thursday I am heading up towards Houghton Lake to see my friend Sandy. Looking forward to that.

Everyone enjoy your week.


Mari said...

You've been having way too much fun lately! I saw you went to the army show in GR. We were going to go with Andy to that, but he ended up not able to come home when he was supposed to. Looks like that was fun too.
Have a great week!

Mari said...

Just got your question about the photobucket box. Do you have something on your background from Photobucket? If so, it may have expired. Check your design section and see if there is something you can take off. Otherwise, I don't know. Sorry!

Nancy said...

You are one busy lady, good thing you don't have any more kids to cart to games. I know you love it tho.