Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter in Caddy!

Headed up to Cadillac today with Faith and my daughter Amanda. We had to do a few things at my Mom's house and pick up a few things. While we were there we had lots of snow to shovel without a shovel. We ended up using a broom and a dust pan. We thought it was really funny while we had fun using those two items. Then I broke the broom. If you happen to check out my facebook there are pictures on there too.
The above picture is on the way to Cadillac (Caddy) taking 131 North.
There was a little frost on the trees and some on just the tree tops.
Very pretty!

Don't ya just love the look of the snow on the bushes and trees?

I really enjoy the looks of it and the wonderful winter land that it shows. Amazing how God can make something that seems so miserable to some so pretty! What an awesome God we serve!

This is on the drive around Lake Cadillac. We were heading over to my Auntie Janny and Uncle John's house. We had an awesome visit and so much laughter and reminiscing. Thank you very much! Faith says that she now understand where my humor comes from. HMMMM Yepper! Shoot-I even started getting gray hair early and on the sides just like Aunt Janny did! LOL Good thing there are salons out there and good hair color! :)


Mari said...

Sounds like you had fun - sure is beautiful!

Nancy said...

Yeah they really have the white stuff up there,my oldest daughter lives in Caddy and I've seen her pics... Really beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow they did get hit hard. . Yes it is Beautiful:) My friends daughter lives there and she was stranded for a day until they plowed her road!!