Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer fun with long time friends

 Wendy and I
Friends since 1998
Holly the super dog.

 Brittany and Holly

 Cierra diving off the floating pontoon dock.
 Brittany and Courtney
Brittany is showing her diving skills.
 Mitch doing a flip.
 Shawn doing a flip.
 Mason enjoyed Kayaking.
Holly the Super Dog! Flying off the dock after a stick!

Cierra and her friend Rachel
Out for Ice cream and we had a fun time shopping in the candy factory store in Pentwater.
The boys got a bunch of sour candy and some of the faces that they made was hilarious!

 Below is Brittany and her friend Courtney.
Big Shaved Ice.

Shawn, Mitch, Mason, Cierra and Rachel--fun at Lake Michigan in Pentwater. Charles Mears State Park.

Britt-A-NEE-AH walking on the rocks by the pier.

My friend Wendy! She sure is a wonderful person. Beautiful inside and out!

Friendship is not just an acquaintance. Friendship will last and be strong as long as you put an effort into the relationship.

God brought people into our lives for a reason. I am thankful for this valued friendship too.

Love ya Wen!

You make me laugh
You make my heart smile
Everything you do
Makes life worthwhile
You give lovingly
You always have cheer
Everything you are
I hold dear
You are so sweet
You are so very kind
Everything I cherish
In you I find
You are a blessing
You are an angel I see
Everything about you
is Gods gift to me

Source: God's Gift To Me, Special Friend Poem
Family Friend Poems


Mari said...

I'm sure she values you as much as you do her! Love that shot of Holly the Super Dog flying off the deck!

Nancy said...

You sure know how to have fun, and pick good friends!!! Love the dog jumping off the deck

Wendy said...

Oh Shel - where do I begin! You are such an awesome person and I love the fact that we were neighbors for like 5 years...seems longer than that! I am so glad that we have since reconnected and I cherish our friendship! You have great kids, great hubby and you are a great mom! I hope we will forever continue this friendship! xoxoxo ps - love the pics!