Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thelma and Louise Road Trip

This is Thelma (Faith)
I am Louise!
(Thelma is a crazy woman driver)
This is the Ludington Lighthouse that we stopped at first.
The Dune grass is so pretty in all seasons! It is so nice to see it the way the wind blows and it flows so gracefully.
We have had such an unusual winter here in Michigan this season. It feels like spring most of the time. As you can see on the above picture there is very little ice built up when normally it is hard to walk on!
Thelma is a bit chilly!
Man that gust of wind was cold!
Louise being her crazy self!
Thelma not driving anymore which is a good thing.
We are on our 1.8 mile walk (one way) to the Big Sable Lighthouse. We did not realize it was tucked way back in. The walk was very nice and good exercise.
This is the Big Sable Lighthouse which is located off of Lake Michigan in Ludington Michigan.
Sure is strange not to see any snow or ice build up along the shoreline in January.
Here's Thelma again. Man that stump is almost taller than her. The funny thing about this stump is that it says, "How old am I?" and points to Thelma. On the other side where Thelma is, it says 127 years. Amazing!
I handed Thelma my camera while I had a potty break and this is what she took.
Great shot Thelma! And that is not a shot with the gun!
In Ludington, while Thelma was trying to find her way out and the way to Pentwater, this is what I spotted. Pretty cool!
In Pentwater, we stopped at the Bitchen Kitchen. This is a cute little store that has all kinds of unique things in it. Mostly things you would want for your kitchen.

So, as you see, Thelma and Louise had a nice day adventure and Thelma did not drive us off of a sand dune and into Lake Michigan. So, we are safe and sound and will probably have to take another adventure some day!


Mari said...

Glad you two survived your road trip! (And Thelma's driving!) You sure saw some pretty sights. :)

Nancy said...

I love going on adventures and I bet yours was a blast!!!