Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Cousins Love

Here are a few pictures that I just love. Shawn and Noah playing in the buttercups at Katie and Wade's wedding. This was in Pennsylvania at the end of May. Beautiful Weather. Noah just loves his Cousin Shawn (Shawn loves him too). You always here Noah saying, "SAWN, SAWN, SAWN". It is so cute! Shawn is so gentle with Noah too. Too bad they did not live closer to here so they can spend more time together. We all had a great time visiting family then.

This is Shawn. How handsome is he?

This is Noah, so energetic, full of life and adorable.

Shawn and Noah picking the buttercups.

Shawn and Noah wrestling.


Mari said...

Those pictures are so cute. Good looking kids for sure!

Cheri said...

Those are such sweet pictures.
Cousins can be so much fun!

Nancy said...

perfect place to play in a field of flowers!! Cute boys

Lisa said...

These pictures are so good. What precious boys they are!

Nonna said...

Sweet pictures! My kids are very close to their cousins, even though they dont get to see each other but once or twice a year.