Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Messing around at work!!!! Ha ha!

Hello Everyone!

How are all of you doing?

Ever go to work and wonder what a coworker might trick you on in a day?

Well, my friend Mari told me that I should write something on my blog how I am always messing with Nancy and her and other employees at work. All in fun of course and need to make the day more interesting.

She wanted me to tell you this: Today, Mari was sitting at the nurses station at the computer and she was distracted by others talking and what she was doing on the computer. Then all of a sudden, I get this crazy idea to tip my fingertips in water and hold above Mari's head until the drop of water dripped on top of her head. She hesitated in thinking you could tell, then looked up to see if something was dripping on her. (I was standing behind her and she did not know it). Then after she went back to what she was doing, I did it again. She wiped the top of her head and then she looked up and I could not hold the laugh in. She said "SHELLY--I should have figured it was you. I need to be on the lookout now that you are back to work"!

Several of us thought it was funny and then proceeded to go back to work.

Anyone else have any fun stories or pranks to tell about work or wherever?


Mari said...

Oh yes - work has definitely gotten a little more dangerous and a lot more fun now that you are there! I love it!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I can't think of any good stories, but that one sounded really good! I wish I could have seen it!

Nancy said...

I agree I'm always on the look out whenevre you are near by... You just never know what you are up next.. all in good fun of course..
but I sure do like hearing that joyous laugh of yours :)

Cheri said...

I love that you did that to her! That is so something my dad would do!

Lisa said...

That was funny and it makes the day pass faster. Take care. Lisa

Rebekah said...

Working with cops can be interesting as jokes are a way to relieve stress. Several years ago we went through a series of practical jokes.

Another dispatcher and I saran wraped a cop's car.

One of my officers and I wrapped caution tape around another dispatchers house and drew a "chalk line" on her front porch.

If I thought about it long enough, I am sure I could come up with tons more.

Anonymous said...

Love it!! I always have fun where ever I go. ha ha.. Miss the fun working with you all:) Stay crazy girl!!