Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun times

Our July 4Th party was a big hit. Everyone that came had a great time and everyone mingled amongst each other pretty good. Was a great group of people.

I like to hold this party every year. The little kids look forward to it and so do the big kids. :)

We had games in the yard, food, swimming, badminton, and we didn't get to the volleyball time.

Everyone brought a dish that they like to make and all of it was so yummy!

It is nice that Tom's whole Coast Guard shop came too. Sad part is that we get to know these people for a year to four years and then they leave. But on a good note, it gives them a place to go when they are far away from family and friends. It is nice getting to know new people.

Hope you all had a great July 4Th. I know we did!

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Mari said...

I heard from Faith that it was a good time. It's nice of you to do this!