Monday, July 11, 2011

Pure Michigan: Mackinac Island

This is so funny!

Around here we have Pure Michigan billboards. Pure Michigan State signs. Pure Michigan radio commercials with the voice of Tim Allen as the narrator. I love those commercials and signs.

Well, I came across this on YouTube and it cracked me up so I thought I would share!



Mari said...


Mom2three said...

That was so funny! I'll have to share with my husband and big kids.

I'm such a goof! I didn't realize I had didn't the email active on my cooking blog. Just thought no one but my family visited there and they do not leave comments! Did you ever make the Italian Spaghetti sauce? Did you like it? I make a huge batch of it up and can it to use throughout the year. Our kids are addicted to it! I enjoyed visiting your corner of the US today and dreamed of a cooler state. Have a fabulous summer!

The Stars in Barb's Eyes said...

soooo funny....then I ended up watching all this guy's Not so pure Michigan videos...while not so nice, some are funny! Thanks for sharing.