Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Ties

On Monday I had the privilege to head up to Cadillac to visit with a couple of Aunts of mine in between yard work at two houses that we are trying to sell of my Mom's estate.

My Aunt Carol (Sis) is in town from Arizona for a couple months and I have not seen her in quite a while.  We met up at my Aunt Jan's house and we went out to lunch, for a drive and they showed me where they grew up and then went out for ice cream. After that, we headed back to Aunt Jan's house and sat outside in the yard and had a great time catching up. Good memories and lots of laughs.

Aunt Jan and I were sitting on her swing and I noticed Aunt Sis trying to take a picture of us. Aunt Jan was crazy in a story and I leaned into her shoulder for the picture and Aunt Jan looked at me like , what the heck-did she pass out? So, there was a bunch of laughs about that too.

Aunt Sis, Aunt Jan and Me

When I look at these lovely ladies, I see Grandma Myrt and Mom in them. I can see how very much there are similarities of everyone. Facial expressions, looks, voices and yet all are different in their own way.

It was nice to hear how they grew up and life happened. How we all got to where we are today and the paths that came our way and how we adapted to and grabbed hold of life.

No matter what road we choose, no matter who our family and friends are, it is all there because of God and we have a great life. Sometimes we wish things were different and maybe easier, but no one would be where they are today if they didn't choose the path that they took. I am thankful for my life and all who are in it.

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Mari said...

Looks like 3 crazy ladies! I can see you had a ball!