Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sadie Girl

My beautiful Sadie Girl!
May 2006-August 8, 2011

Sadie was such a big part of the family. I remember picking her up when she was just a few months old and I picked her because she was a girl and because she was so playful. She was such a cutie!

Here she is with Amanda and Shawn.

Sadie loved it when I would turn on the hose and she would come and drink out of it like biting at it. It was so cute! Then when we moved into the house we are now, she use to drink from the underground sprinkler system. She would even bite off the tops of the sprinkler and Tom would have to fix them.

Sadie could not have any plastic (like a Frisbee) because she would just tare it apart.

Sadie has always been fascinated with sticks. She would go get them and just tare to pieces. It was funny watching her do this because she would bite it or tare it off and then spit it out and then we had little shredded pieces of sticks or wood to clean up. One time Tom was piling up some firewood for our bonfire and Sadie would go sneak over to the stacked pile when Tom went for more and would take a piece of wood and go off to her spot. This was hilarious! When I would trim the bushes or trees, Sadie couldn't even wait for me to throw the branch out, she would pull it out for me. So darn cute she was!

Sadie loved all of us but she followed me all over the place. If I was sitting in my chair relaxing she would sit by me or put her head on my lap. Tom would call her to get her toy squirrel and then Sadie would bring it to me. Before Tom went to bed, Sadie would want to run around the house keeping her squirrel away from Tom.
I was at a horse show earlier and was cold, so I lay down to take a nap and this photo was taken by Tom. I fell asleep and Sadie put her toy next to me and lyed down next to me. Gotta love her!

Sadie loved it when I was mowing the yard. She would follow me or run along side of me while I mowed and then sometimes she would just sit and watch. She always had her eyes on me and watched every move I made.

Sadie did not like things in her yard. She would make sure that there weren't any critters, moths, carry toads out of the garage and set them in the grass. Anything out of place, she would put it in place.

She loved to go for rides, camping, swimming. While she swam she would go get the stick and drop it in front of us to throw again, but if we were in the yard with a stick, she played keep away.

She loved all the kids and would protect them if we were just horsing around with them. Sadie would step in between us and sometimes would just put her teeth on our arm just to let us know to be good. She never would bite down she just would put her mouth on us. Love her!

We all will miss you Sadie! You warmed our hearts with so much love and devotion. You will never be replaced. You were one of a kind!


Mari said...

I'm so sad for you. Sadie was beautiful and such a good friend. This is a great tribute to her!

Shelly said...

Thanks! I was looking over my blog just now and as I read this post, I start crying as I go through it. Man, I guess I was really attached to her.