Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Country Mill

Sunday we had a terrific time meeting up with some great friends and my daughter and her two friends at The Country Mill in Charlotte Michigan. The weather was gorgeous! I cannot believe we are still able to wear short and sandals in October. We must be having our Indian Summer. I am enjoying every minute of it too.

We got on the "farm train" and headed out to the end of the apple orchard.

 This is Matt, Amanda, Lea and Mason

This is Mason, Shawn and Mitch.
This is Me, Wendy, Brittany and Cierra.

We made it out to the end of the apple orchard to go pick a variety of apples. The trees seemed like they were picked over pretty good but we did manage to get some, eat some as we picked and throw some at each other.

 Most of us in one of the apple tree rows.
Matt and Amanda

There was a haunted maze area that the kids went into and had fun in there. Some said they were scared and some mentioned that Lea was pushing her way out. LOL
There was a corn maze that the kids could do and a crossbow shoot off. Where you had five shots to shoot at five apples. If hit all five, then put name in twice for a raffle off of a crossbow. All the kids did great on this!

We were able to enjoy an apple cider slushy. Well, the kids all got an apple cider slushy, I got an cider float. That was yummy too. They also got some chips and cheese or a donut.
This is a neat little cider mill to go to.

The kids also got to go out and pick their pumpkins that they want to carve this year.
We had another great adventure with friends and family.
Friends like these makes ya wish they weren't a couple hours away.

Thanks for the fun!


Mari said...

What a fun day!

Nancy said...

Been wanting to do that but just didn't get to any orchard yet, looks fun.

Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

get some apples for me, too! LoL! =)