Thursday, October 27, 2011

Look Beyond!

Photo by Shelly Vandlen

As I took this picture I thought about focusing on the tree. As I focused on the tree and take the picture, it makes you also look beyond to see the beauty beyond the tree.
Do we do that as humans? When we see someone do we judge them by how they look right away or do we look beyond? I know for a fact that when I look at someone at first you see the outward appearance. Then when you start to get to know them, you are able to see more of who they are. Their personality, the troubles that they may be dealing with and just really getting to know that person.
I know that there are certain people that just don't mesh with everyone, but that does not mean we can't be kind and courteous to one another.
Photo by Shelly Vandlen
As you see in this picture. I focused more on the leaves and looked beyond the tree.
You can definitely see the beauty there!
When I look at people, I try to see the whole person.
We are very lucky that God does not look at just the outward appearance. He loves each and every one of us for who we are-inside and out!


Mari said...

That is a really great photo and a great message too!

Nancy said...

I love the message here Shel,Good food for thought!!!