Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Annual Girls Weekend!

My friends from Cadillac came down for a girls weekend this past weekend! We had so much fun and it is always nice to get together. I love spending time with my friends. The Spoonies are who I went to school with and played softball with. They are family to me. This family is so loving and kind and always accepts anyone. They love you for who you are. Their hearts are so ginormous! Full of compassion, commitment, kind, loving, responsible, funny, the kind of people who will always be there for you! 
As you may know in one of my earlier posts, almost two years ago I have reconnected with my Buddy, Sandy. We were in the same grade and were great friends in HS. We also were on the Varsity Softball team our Freshman year together and in our Senior year, we were captains on the team.
I love this family and they mean the world to me!!!!!! 

Back to details on the weekend.

Some of you might recognize who this person is. His name is Bill Gaither from the Gaither Vocal Band. My friend Sandy is a great fan and I can see why. I have seen them on TV and have heard them on the radio but it is awesome in person!
Sandy got tickets for her and I to go to this concert in Grand Rapids at the Van Andel Arena. There were several people there. The Martins, Phelps, Lowry, and some others I cannot remember all the names right now. It is always nice to worship God and this was a great concert.
Sandy got the tickets and then we decided to make it a fun girls weekend and you will see in the next few pictures and story of how much fun we had!

 We went to Rivertown Crossings Mall in Grandville, MI and had so much fun shopping!
Annie, Janny, and Sandy (The Spoonies) shopping for some shoes.
I wonder if these shoes are comfy?

 We went back to the hotel after shopping and relaxed about an hour before we headed out to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. The Spoonies Cousin (Marsha-the one in gray) lives close to the area we were at, so she happened to stop by and visit and went out to dinner with us.

A few of us rode in a Taxi to Kobe and some rode with Marsha. We divided up because we already called a taxi and thought we better keep it. So, Sandy, Janny and I rode in this taxi and the guy did not know where he was going. So, Shelly (me), aka the GPS had to give directions. LOL
 Here are the girls at Kobe before our Chef arrived to entertain us.
Billy, Annie, Janny, Sandy, Marsha
 Here I am in the picture now. We had a nice girl from the table next to us take our picture!

 We had drinks!
 Great Chef with great cooking skills!
 The very delicious Shrimp, with veggies and fried rice and noodles.
Mouth watering just looking at it!
 Sandy and I

Now the next few pictures are when we were heading back to the hotel. The Spoonies Cousin, Marsha, gave us a ride back in her car. You will see how we actually had one too many passengers but made it and had a blast back to the hotel. Oh the joys!
 The Spoonies!
Janny, Annie, Sandy
My Family!
This is one side of the back seat.
 Okay, other side of the back seat.
Billy and Janny
The awesome driver!
 Crazy front passenger-yepper, that is me!
 Oh wait! I think I can all you girls in one picture!
Yep!!!! Thanks to Billy scooting in closer. LOL
BTW-I met a couple new people. It was nice to meet Billy and get to know her and also Marsha. These young ladies are a lot of fun too!
Can't wait until we do this again next year!
We had so much fun!

I know I will see them before the next years shopping trip which is great!

Friends come into your life for a reason, and it is either for a moment in time, a season or a lifetime. I am happy to say that these great girls are there for the long haul!

Love ya ladies!
aka-the adopted Sister. :)

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Mari said...

Girls weekends are so much fun! I can see you had a great time - good for you!