Saturday, December 24, 2011

Grandma Vandlen's Flying Kitten!

Meet Miss Minny!

The kids were playing with Miss Minny and you would not believe  how she leaped in the air and was practically flying. We were all laughing so hard!
 Here she is playing.
 Getting warmed up!
 I tried to capture it. Caught her almost out of the pic.
 Caught her on the way down.
 Heading towards her toy.
 There she is! Awesome pic right?!!!!
 She was really high this time. Did not get all of her in this shot though.
Miss Minny under the Christmas tree.

Animals sure are entertaining!


Mari said...

Great pics! Our cat does that sometimes too, but it's hard to get pictures in action!

Nancy said...

Wow, it is a flying cat!!! To funny