Friday, March 30, 2012

Cream Cheese Pickle Rolls

Cream Cheese Pickle Roll Ups

These are a big hit at my get at my party's.
I have also made these yummy appetizers with green onions and other types of sandwich meat. If you make them with a green onion, I like to call those "Firecrackers" and have them at my July 4th party.
 First off, you will need to get your supplies. You will need some type of sandwich meat, cream cheese and pickles.
Above picture is the Ham.
 I also have some Turkey
 Cream Cheese-works best to spread if soft or slightly warm it to get it soft for easy spreading.
 You can get any type of pickle you want. Sweet, Kosher, Dill
 First you have to cut the sandwich meat in half. Then I like to pat dry each slice because the meat tends to be a little moist due to packaging. Plus, it will be easier to spread the cream cheese and won't slip around. If you buy your meat straight from the deli, ask them to slice it a little thick. You don't want it shaved or it will just fall apart while spreading the cream cheese on.
 Spread the cream cheese on the sandwich meat.
 Then you may add your pickle. If you add a green onion, leave the long end hanging out so it looks kind of like a firecracker sparking.
 Roll the pickle up.
 Place on desired serving tray and refrigerate until your party.
They look delicious-right? Well, they are! You will not be disappointed at all.
You could also cut these into slices if you like.

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Mari said...

These look really good - but not with a dill pickle! Needs to be sweet like me. :)
Although I think I would prefer a pumpkin roll to a pickle roll. :)