Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girls Night Out

 Deb, Renee and Jacquie
It was nice getting together with these lovely ladies a few weeks ago. I have not seen Deb in around 13 years, Renee I see every now and then-when we can get together and Jacquie have not seen since I worked with her at the Foster Home in Fruitport, MI.
I first met these ladies back in 1996-1997. They worked in Therapy while I worked as an Aide on the floor in the local nursing home.
These girls have a kind heart, fun spirit and what I have noticed while working in the health field of some form of occupation, you learn to handle things with laughter when possible. It takes a great person to work in the health field and a kind spirit and loving heart full of compassion to take care of others. Not for everyone, but the ones that are there, are truly genuine.
I am glad that I got to know these ladies among the years that I have worked. We had so much fun!


Nancy said...

So nice to meet up with old friends, and looks like good food too!!!

Mari said...

Glad you got to spend some time together. You're right about us health care people and laughter - we do love it! (We always seemed to laugh a lot, if you were around!)