Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Sable Lighthouse

We are on our way to the Little Sable and it really don't look that little!
We did make it all the way to the top. I forget how many stairs. Over 90.
Once you make it up, there is such a beautiful view.
Also, when you are at the top, on the outside rail it tells how far you are from certain places.

Amanda and Matt at top of Lighthouse. Lake Michigan behind!

Matt, Amanda, Mitch, Mason, Shawn

On the rocks below the lighthouse.

Shawn, Mitch, Mason
On a piece of driftwood on the Lake Michigan shoreline.
We had a lot of fun that day. Walking the beach, climbing the Lighthouse, going over to the dunes--that will be in next post.


Mari said...

Great pictures. I love lighthouses!

Nonna said...

beautiful pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love Lake Michigan, we are soooo Blessed!! Great pics:)

Lisa said...

The lighthouse pictures are beautiful.Have a great weekend.