Wednesday, August 6, 2008


On our way to the great Mackinac Ship of the USCG. That huge tall thing on the front is what lifts in and out the big boueys. We got to tour the whole ship. All of us had a nice time climbing aboard the ship and up and down the ladders (which were steep, no wonder they slide down them). Up in that window area is where all the mechanical equipment and maps and radar stuff is. I don't know all the lingo but that is what ya get from me.
This is the ship from Canada.
Kara and Shawn at the bell in Grand Haven. This was on our way to the ship.

We were on the back of the ship and I seen the flag and had to get a shot of it. So cool how it was blowing in the breeze and in the background see the boats and Grand Haven lighthouse in the canal.

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