Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Shawn, Matt, Amanda, Mitch, Tom, Mason
We had fun riding the Mac Wood Dune Ride.
I was surprised at how fast we went. Up and down the dunes!
Very beautiful.
You can see how the dunes will change all the time with the wind that is up there.
The "Dune" grass was planted a long time ago by some boyscouts and it continued to spread.

This is one of the views from the ride. That is Lake Michigan.

This next picture you can see why I was not in the picture of the first picture! LOL

Really, that is someone who was skydiving and his shoot did not open up.

No really, just something funny to look at! We all thought it was a hoot.

We had a great driver named Rob!

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Mari said...

I've never done that - it looks like a lot of fun!