Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

The kids made it up this dune pretty well. Tom did fairly well with a couple breaks. Me on the other hand--several breaks. Why? You ask? Well, this particular dune was really steap and the day before I climbed another dune and my legs were burning with pain in in my quads. First I was wanting to stay down to take pictures of people flying over the top of this dune. Then, I decided that I really wanted to see what it was like up there. I am so happy that I made it because the view was awesome!
This was at the top of the dune looking back to where we started walking from. That water in the background happens to be Silver Lake. You can see some of the vehicles taking a break and going back for some more dune riding.
This is Matt and Amanda. We rented a dune buggy for them and they had a great time riding on the dunes. This little thing is not that powerful they had to keep going on some of the smaller dunes. They did attempt this big one that we climbed to the top of. If he could keep it going, he could make it. What a riot to watch them.
This is someone in a really nice buggy flying over the steeped part. This was why I wanted to stay down and take a few pics. This was from half way up the dune. We could not believe how fast and how daring some of these people are.
This is a view from the top of the dune. Lake Michigan in the distance. This is the steep that they had to get up and go over. Some would get stuck at top, or just stop, some would rest up there or wait for others in their group. Some had to go down backwards because they could not make it. This was not the steepest one either.
Have a great day! Everyone should try to do this someday. Fun had by all!


Mari said...

Very cool! It looks like lots of fun - except for the climbing!

Nancy said...

I wanted to take the jeep & try that but chicken out. Didn't want to wreck it. I guess sand is tough on the engines. Looks like fun tho'