Friday, February 11, 2011


Last night we were able to go and watch two of my boys and a friends of mines young lady perform in their band performance. The 6TH grade band had Shawn in it and he just switched to the saxophone and did and awesome job. Mitch and Kara are in the 7TH grade-- and Mitch plays the trumpet and actually played the base drum on the last song, and Kara plays the clarinet and they also did an awesome job.

It is amazing to hear how they just start out and how quickly they become little musicians. Their talent is rewarding in so many ways.

Allendale even got an award or recognition for being one of the best in the State of Michigan. Not sure what it is as I was half listening at the time. LOL But, Congrats to all the Allendale School Band performers.

The teachers that teach them are very good with the kids and you can tell that they really enjoy their job.

Anyway, Great job kids!
Love you all!

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Mari said...

That band has come a long way from when my kids were in it! They have an excellent leader!