Sunday, February 20, 2011

Morning drive

Saturday I was on my way home from Grocery shopping and noticed some ice formed on some trees on the Bass River. I thought to myself, you know, that would be neat to go take some pictures of that. That is a busy part of the road and not much of a place to park there to be out of the way.

Sunday--I got up out of bed and thought, I am going to try to go get some pictures before the weather hits. So, I went out and got a few pictures. The above picture is one of them and then there are more on my photo blog if you want to go and take a look at that.

I had a nice drive by myself. Driving really slow to see if anything would catch my eye. Well, there were a few neat things and I am happy with the results that I found.

Now that it is after midnight-that makes it Monday. Presidents day! My husband has the day off and has had a little bit of a sore throat so he has been kinda under the weather. I think I will wake up before him-as I usually do-and plow the driveway for him. I will drive our lawn tractor/snow blower. The snow and ice that we have is pretty wet so I don't think the big tractor will move it very well. That just has a back blade on it and that is Tommy's baby.

May you all have a great day!


Mari said...

That ice is pretty cool! It's nice of you to plow for Tom. That will make him happy!

Carol said...

Hope your hubby feels better soon.
Love the photo of the ice.

Shelly said...

He has a sore throat. He seems to be getting better. Just was under par for a few days. I did half the driveway and he did the other half.