Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Okie dokey

Hope I did not screw up my original blog. I signed up for another blog for my photography but it is all under my same gmail account just different password. Now I just typed a whole new post and it went to my other account. Ugh.

As I was saying we are in for some snow. They say we are going to get hammered. Well, right now a few snow flakes are drifting down ever so gently from the sky. I am able to count each and every one right now. We will see how bad it gets. Oh, wind picking up as we speak. They said it was going to try to start around 4pm and it is. Major stuff tonight.

My deck is 1/3 full of snow and I am looking forward to seeing the rest pile up on there.

Hopefully I am working on making another blog and then I will have two. Any tips from fellow bloggers is well appreciated.



Mari said...

It's snowing pretty good now and guess who has to make it to work tomorrow? I'm not looking forward to it!
I want to see your photo blog - can you send me the link?
PS - next time you see Faithers ask if she has her credo!

Nancy said...

Snowing like crazy out my way and I have to work tomorrow too!!! Hope I can get out but I'm not gonna risk life and limb if I can't. I want to see your photos too!!!!

Shelly said...

Glad you two made it to work safe.