Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Griffen's Hockey night

We had a great time going to the Grand Rapids Griffen's Hockey game Saturday night. We took a couple friends with us and the night was a blast. We went to the game, then afterwards we went to a new restaurant in the Grand Rapids area. It is called Quaker Steak and Lube. The one on the way to Chicago is cooler than this one. That one actually looks like an oil change place from the outside. This one looks good on the inside and had a live three man band while we were there and they did a really good job.
Here are my handsome boys! All excited to go to the hockey game and to too their horns!
Here we are all waiting for the game to start!
We actually got some pretty good seats. There was a group of people that showed up and the lady by Mitch was grumpy all night. She did not look happy when she got there and then looked really ornery when they would toot their horns or everyone around would sing or have fun. That's what the games are about, otherwise they would not sell those horns or any noise maker at the game or have lit up signs that say "MAKE SOME NOISE" ! LOL

The Grand Rapids Griffen's are in red and they are playing the Americans and I am not sure where they were from. Griffen's won 3-1. Woo-Hoo!
Amanda and Matt
Shawn and I.
We had a really good and fun night!

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Mari said...

The Griffins are always a fun night out! Glad you had fun although that cranky lady didn't. She probably never does!