Sunday, March 6, 2011

Having fun

The other day my friend Wendy was saying that she wanted a new hairstyle. She was asking friends on Facebook about where to go and whatnot, so I took the challenge and started to mess around with her. I posted a couple funny hairstyle pictures that usually just models doing a wild and wacky hairdo would do for a photo shoot.

I was having so much fun playing with the photos and getting a chuckle back out of Wendy. It is great to have friends that love to joke around. Those that can take it make it so much more fun and worth the laugh.
You can see in the picture below how much fun I was having with the last picture that I posted on her wall.
Love ya Wendy!



Mari said...

You're such a great friend - always willing to jump in with help and advice! :)

Nancy said...

Awww Shel, I though you were saving that do for me!!!