Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shawn's First Hunt

My boy Shawn took his hunter's safety class in February and completed that and did very well in it. Ever since then he has been wanting to go hunting or shoot some kind of animal.
Friday was the day for that!
From inside the house our dog Sadie noticed a rabbit outside the window. Shawn went and got his 22 that Grandpa Lehr bought for him and we went out on the back deck to see if he could get the rabbit. The rabbit took off into the woods a little ways. Shawn followed it through his scope and then he got it. The rabbit ran a little ways then paused. Shawn went to get another bullet and then we found it again and completed the task. Such excitement for the little man. Here is Shawn with his very first animal that he was able to hunt down.

We had to learn how to skin it and all of that other good stuff. It is pretty tricky as we got some of it but then we called our friend Aaron to help and show Shawn how to do it. Now, we have three rabbit's feet curing and the meat is in the freezer. I will find a good recipe and make it for him someday.

Way to Go Shawn! Job well done!


Mari said...

Yay Shawn! Randy would be so proud!

Shelly said...

Randy would be so proud! I can actually picture Randy grinning ear to ear!