Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken Extravaganza

Today was an interesting day! I was able to get a lot of spring cleaning started in the house today. I opened some of the windows a bit to let some fresh air in while I worked. That was so nice! Not the working part-lol-but the being able to open the window part. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. A nice gentle breeze came inside and eventually dried my floors after they were mopped. As I went outside to take some trash out, the chickens were in my flower bed by the house. UGH! They were scratching away and knocking the bark and dirt up onto the driveway. I clapped my hands to get them out of there and they looked at me like I was crazy. Well, I am, but that doesn't mean that they can't listen to me. LOL So, they got out, I took the trash out and got the broom to sweep. Here they come! I had to shoo them away so I could sweep up the mess they created. I text Tom and said this is the last time I am letting the chickens out into the yard. We liked letting them out to let them roam around a bit. They usually scratch under the big pine trees where all the dead leaves are laying under. Not today! After I got that mess cleaned up, I went back inside to finish up some of the work I have been doing inside. Time to go out and get the rug that I had hanging on the railing that I had to hit the dirt out of. What to my wandering eyes did I see? Yepper--Chickens in my flower bed again! This time I got the broom and tried to scoot them out of the way. They moved away and cackled at me. I just cackled back at them. I am the boss of this house. LOL So, I think my new adventure will be to make a bigger outdoor pen area so they can wander around more. They are pretty entertaining animals. If the neighbors could have seen me, they would have thought that I was the entertaining one and that the chickens are winning. Kinda like Charlie S--winning! The only crack that is happening here is the fact that the chickens 'crack me up.' I guess I will forgive them since they provide us with such yummy eggs to eat.

Hope you enjoyed my little adventure with the chickens today. I know I did. :)


Mari said...

You are so funny! And Winning!!!

Shelly said...


Nancy said...

Yay for the chickens!!! No really that must have been funny to bad someone didn't have that on tape..