Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That's a Wrap!

A long time friend of mine, Janice, and her family wanted me to take some family pictures of them. I am working on taking the garage background out of the pictures and adding various different backgrounds. This is very interesting on how this all has to be done.

First, make a copy, then erase the whole background and that takes a little time as when you are close to what you want to save in the picture, you don't want to mess up and take too much or too little.

I am so excited as I have learned a new thing to do on photoshop. I bought a book a while ago and it will show you step by step to a certain point. Can you say AWESOME?

This picture of my friends is so funny. There is a reason for them to all show their fist and the comment 'That's a wrap!' Janice was saying something to her family one time and it is a hidden joke between them. She made a hand motion (which she says she never talks with her hands, but we know she does) and said, 'That's a Wrap!' When they all explained it to me, they were all laughing so hard and so we had to get a picture of them doing that. I look at the picture and I can

actually still hear them laughing every time I look at this picture!

Ever think about how life can be so much fun and more interesting with the little "inside" jokes that we have amongst certain family members or friends? Sure does make life more enjoyable!

I have known Janice and her family since 1989 and I appreciate the friendship that we have.

God brings certain people in our lives for our own benefits of enjoyment of friendship. Imagine a life without any friends-life would be a little boring. I thank my God every time I think of you!

Life passes by so quickly! I remember when Janice and I were pregnant at the same time with our girls. The girls are going to be 20 this year. Holy Cow! Where does the time go?

Love to all!


Mari said...

Yes - those inside jokes are the best! Friendships, both long and short are truly a blessing too. I know I've been blessed by you!

Shelly said...

Aw thanks Mari Beth! I have truly been blessed by you too!