Thursday, April 7, 2011

Government Shutdown?

Will the Government Shut down?

What does that mean for some?

If the Government shuts down this is what I see-All the hard service men and women fighting for our country or serving their country in some way shape or form and there is a hold on their pay. What happens to these wonderful men and women? Do they lose their homes because they cannot make a house payment? Does their family end up living on the street because they no longer have an income to provide for their family?

What is the point of a shutdown? You don't see the people in congress, senate, president taking a hold on their income.

If you shut down and say, don't worry, they will back pay you from the time of the shutdown to the time it isn't shut down. I say, Then what is the point? Going to pay them eventually anyway and it does not help save any money or help the budget. It just makes things worse for the American people who are trying to survive. Some people live week by week trying to support their family and to live a decent life.

I am one that is getting a little nervous about this as I am a stay at home Mom and my husband is the worker. He works for the government in the USCG. I pray that there is not a hold on his paycheck as he pays all the bills.

This above picture sure does explain a lot. This is what it would feel like for all the people who get shut down. You would feel like you are buried and can't do anything about it but hope for someone to dig you out of a hole. Interesting comic don't ya think? Where is the best interest at?
Don't ya wish there was an easy button for this?

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Mari said...

It's crazy, I say! Let's put those politicians in a room together until they can get along!