Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Two Favorite Aunts!

Aunt Jan, Mom (Kathy-RIP), Aunt Carol (Sis)

June 1962 Aunt Jan and Aunt Sis April 2011 When I look back and reflect on people in my life and I think of my two Aunts. I have a lot of great stories to tell. There were a lot of great times with my Aunts and my cousins. We have a lot of good memories. There are some funny things that you don't want to mention in public. Then there are times that you could go on and on. Times that Aunt Sis had a restaurant in Mesick Michigan. Good times going up there too. One time my cousins put Tabasco sauce in my coke while I was using the restroom. When I came back to take a drink, sucking it down really fast, then I was like, WHOA!!!! All of the cousins laughed their fool heads off. I ran to the kitchen and Aunt Sis was like, what is going on Hun? I said, I need water, quick! LOL We spent many times going out to both of my Aunt's houses and having fun. One time we all went out to Long Lake to go camping with Grandma and the clan. While we were swimming Aunt Jan was coming to shore and something was out of it's place and I yelled to Auntie and she looked down, and shoved it back in. So funny! I will never forget these fun times spent with family. Love you all!


Mari said...

Great memories about your family and your aunts! I have family like that too. I think my Dad's family would get along well with your family. They love to laugh!

Nancy said...

Laughing at yourself and with family can be precious times and leave lasting memories. We have some of those funny memories in my family too.