Monday, April 25, 2011

Shelly's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

This is me and how I prepare the eggs. LOL
I found some! They are so cute when they get all excited and hunt for the eggs!

This group finished hunting the eggs and are now waiting to find the golden eggs that have 5 bucks in them. I made them keep waiting a bit because they are so anxious. I love torturing them that way. Little bit excited for the egg!

Searching for the goldens!

Lining up for the egg toss. Whoa! I am not catching that one! It landed and didn't even break.

Renee got yoked. Guess the yoke is on her. Good job Rick!

All tied up for the leg race.

Waiting to start the leg race.

They're off!

Have you know that Renee and I won again this year! HA! HA!

To end the day off sitting around the fire pit with friends.

We had a beautiful fire going.

The whole day was a blast! Everyone had a good time. The hunt was good, food and beverages were good, time with friends and family was great!


Mari said...

You ended up with such a nice day! Looks like everyone had fun!

Nancy said...

I always wondered what the easter bunny looked like!! LOL
Looks like you had a fun day