Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6TH Grade Chicago Trip, May 3, 2011

Chicago view from the bus.
Statue by the Science Museum.

Waiting to get into the Museum.

A little excited to get out of the bus!

US 505 Submarine

They had to build around this to get it to be part of the museum.

Old Horse drawn Fire Engine.


View from Lincoln Park Zoo

Shawn and Alan

After our DQ stop in Indiana on way home.

This is our whole group that stayed together during the trip.

Everyone was good and we all had a great time.

Spencer, Ivan, Sue

Alan, Andrew, Shawn and Me.

Funny how Shawn and I almost have the same look.

This Chicago trip was really nice. We had four Charter buses to take us there and back. The ride was nice, the driver was excellent. Wish we had time to see a few more things at the museum and the Zoo was nice to be outside. Wish the Zoo had some more animals, but maybe it was too early yet.

Years ago, when I went with Amanda's class, there were Polar bears and other animals. Only a select few animals this year. Still was a nice trip though.

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Nancy said...

You get to go to the funest places!!!