Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fishing and Exploring

Shawn wanted to go fishing last night so I took him over to the gravel pits that is located by our house. Not sure how long ago it was a gravel pit, but now it is a nice little lake area that runs into the Grand River which runs into Lake Michigan eventually.

Shawn decided to take his shoes and socks off so he could go into the water. It was cold he said.

A lot of people will take their boats out there and go fishing, boating, ski-dooing, water skiing and sometimes we take our lab over there so she can play in the water and fetch sticks that we throw out for her.

My handsome boy!

No luck catching any fish last night but it was a very nice time out by the water feeling the gentle breeze and watching the water move. The birds were out flying around and chirping. Geese flying overhead.

Nothing like nature and being able to enjoy it!

There was a frog in an area where the water puddled up in deep crevice areas and every time we walked by it would jump in the water or dive down in the water. Shawn decided that he wanted to try to catch it.

Twenty minutes later of exploring and and did not catch the frog, but he sure did have fun trying to catch it.

Here is the frog that Shawn could not catch. It was peeking up out of the water.

Even though Shawn did not catch any fish or frogs, he was able to have a good time.


Mari said...

Looks like a good time! Shawn is really growing up - he's a good looking kid!

Mom2three said...

Looks like ya'll had a fantastic time on a perfect day. I had to laugh at Shawn. My youngest would have done the same. He loves being outside and would have spent the whole time catching those elusive frogs and other critters.