Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Great Woman!

Great Grandma Odette

She was cute, short, funny.

I remember always going to her house and she always had a puzzle set up so we could all help put it together when we stopped by. She made homemade rugs out of like what people make quilts with I believe.

One time we went for supper and she had made pea soup. Boy, did I not want to eat. We sat at the table and Mom made me eat the soup. At that time, I hated peas. Well, every time G. Grandma and Mom went to the kitchen as they cleaned up, I would hide the peas under the table cloth. Yes, Grandma made her soup with a cream and whole peas. It wasn't all mushed up like I see down here. Well, I really got the look from Mom when she went to clear off the table cloth. Oh well, fun times!

This is Great Grandma with her son Philip Odette. He was my Mom's Dad. Grandpa and I shared the exact same birthday. Doesn't Granny look so cute with her little chunky cheeks sticking out in this picture?

Here's a picture of my cousins with Great Grandma O.
Johnny, Tina, Sheila and Great Grandma.

I remember that tree in Great Grandma's yard. You can see it in the background of this picture.
We use to hang on it and swing from it!
Granny had a bird in a cage at her house too. I little parakeet and she would let the door open on its cage. That bird would get out and fly around. I sure did not like that. I didn't like it flying past my head. Oh what memories!

The house that Granny lived at is not there anymore. It was taken down for a business to go up.
Loved that old Mustard color house!

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Mari said...

What great memories! I can't believe you were able to get to know your great-grandma so well. Both of my Grandma's were gone by the time I was 4, and the great grandma's long before that.
I think you are a lot like her - cute, short, funny!