Sunday, February 17, 2008


You won't believe what I was doing. I sit here laughing about it and wishing I was at the place taking the pictures instead of what I was doing. Anyway, here goes: I was taking of a picture of my dog laying in our cat bed. Thought that was a riot! A lot of times the cat is on the dog bed so maybe Sadie thought she should lay on the cat bed. Back to what I was doing: I was taking pictures of places and lighthouses in Bruce County off of the WGVU tv station. The pics don't come in that clear but I was having fun playing with my camera. I wish I was there in shorts, short sleve shirt, sandals feeling the breeze off of the lakeshore. I love taking pictures and wish that I was there enjoying the area.


Mari said...

You are funny - so is your dog! That is a great picture. Our cat would stare a dog dowm who dared to lay in her bed!

Deb said...

Yes we can dream we are at those warm places, ahhh,it so nice and warmmm. Your dog is a hoot!! how funny:) Well I gotta go mow the lawn, and jump in the pool, see ya...LOL

Nancy said...

Yeah Shelly, I'm heading over to Deb's
Cute dog!!!

Shelly said...

I think I will head over to Deb's too is she is going to go swimming and it is nice there! LOL
I love my dog! She follows me everywhere!